Wednesday, 30 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 29th & 30th MAY

29th. Face of the day
30th. Pretty hair

Lets just get on with it!

29th. Face of the day

This FOTD is bought to you from the past!! I actually took this yesterday but my RUBBISH phone wouldn't let me. I eventually get them emailed to myself and the my computer died so I gave up.

Very simple for work really. Just a few basics. I light sweep of eyeshadow, eyeliner (pref liquid but not always), mascara and blusher = normally lippy too but this day I forgot.

Avon True Colour blusher in Soft Plum
Hot Topics Warpaint Beauty in Rich Bitch (they all have cool names but that's another post!)
Rimmels Glam Eyes Eyeliner
Avons Curlacious Mascara

Forgot to show that I also pencilled my eyebrows in that morning using Rimmels soft kohl eyeliner as my current eyebrow pencil is too orangey.

30th. Pretty hair

I really hate my hair at the moment. Its getting long which is fine, I like the length but my fringe has grown out, my brown bits have gone a yellowy colour and its just in dyer need of a trim and colouring. 

Ive just asked my mum to pay for my birthday.

So here's my hair from my wedding hair practise run. If you remember from the day I had reddy black hair but this is what it looked like a few weeks before. It looks so nice :)


You might just be able to see how it was on the day just above (different flowers though).

Oh and hes not shouting at me in that pic, it was our first dance and he's just realised its not Biffy Clyro that's playing (which was what he THOUGHT we were having) and was in fact Tenacious D's 'F**k Her Gently'. Best. Wedding. Dance. EVER.

Mucho love

Monday, 28 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 27th and 28th MAY

27th. Inspired by your style icon
28th. Something everyone has now

Ive been rather inattentive to my blog this week but I think this whole "31 Day Challenge" is taking it out of me! I like to blog when I like and I think this is a bit like being at school - making sure I get something done before a deadline else I feel guilty.

Saturday saw me going to the opticians to get my eyes checked out. Ive worn glasses for about 5 years now but for work or computer work etc but recently Ive been feeling awful when not wearing them and get dizzy. One day I almost passed out at my desk. So I took my free voucher from HR and popped along to my opticians. Vision Express. I had planned to go somewhere else but booking with them again was so easy, I would just have to make sure I picked from their £29 range. I saw a few frames I liked. Of course its totally different when you're there and trying them on! 

So anyway, It turns out Ive got to have my prescription upped and wear them all the time which doesn't bother me in the slightest. I looked around the cheap ranges and just couldn't find anything that suited me. I then reluctantly looked at the 2 for £99 designer frames and even they didn't inspire me. Then, as if my magic, I glanced down at the 2 for £139 frames and tada! There were these amazing Valentino frames glistening from below. I tried the two on that I was drawn too and instant loveage!!  My lovely optician Simon had joined me at this point and I thrust these into his hands! His eyes lit up as he knew I was going for cheap and had just picked out £400 quids worth of glasses! But with the 2 for £139 (with lenses) it was an actual bargain. Hubz shit himself when I texted him to say I hadn't adhered to the £60 rule and had in fact spent £150 (anti glare, extra tests etc) but had received a £19 deduction from my no claims on my grand advantage card! 

To summarise, I love my new glasses and I had photos taken of my eye. Wanna see!?

My casual Valentinos

My work Valentinos

My Left eyeball

My right eyeball
Ok. Weird eyeball pics out they way, lets get the 27th and 28th done so I can chill out with Sims3!

27th. Inspired by your style icon

I don't have one. To be perfectly blunt. I've never had anyone like that too look up. Ive just kinda bumbled through life. But I can honestly say that in the last year its been all of you ladies. Reading these blogs and getting to know some of you has been so inspiring. Ive learnt that I'm not alone and I can take risks with what I wear and how I wear it. So thank you ladies. You have truly helped me :)

28th. Something everyone has now

Desperately trying not to quote Team America (Everyone has aids!!). I'm not really sure what to do for this one.  I'm always behind everyone else with cool stuff and I was one of the only bloggers NOT to get the New Look swan print dress. 

I'm going to go with the big glasses. Everyone and their mate are wearing these big rimmed glasses now. I know I have literally JUST bought a pair but mine are actually needed to see (and awesomesauce) . My brother wears them (hipster kid) and he has fine eyesight - It was ME who inherited the dodgy back and bad eyesight from my real dad so I don't know! 

Its just interesting to me how back in the day you would be bullied for liking comics and wearing glasses, now its trés cool and all the awesome kids are doing it! I'm not picked on for being a geek - just for being fat!

So until next time - check out my little shop :) 

Mucho Love,

Saturday, 26 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 25TH & 26TH MAY

25th. A totally YOU outfit
26th. What's in your bag

What a hectic few days. I know I say it every time I'm behind on posts. Here's a few reasons.

Ive been working out like crazy and trying to sort my diet out.
Works kicking my ass.
In the space of a week its been the anniversary of my real Dads death and his birthday so its always a bit tense with the ole family. 

So enough of the excuses and onto the posts. I'm doing 25 and 26 now and will do 27 later.

25th. A totally YOU outfit

A totally me outfit. Well I this stumped me so I tried to break it down. If you ask anyone what my style is, they'd all come up with lots of different words. All dancing round the same meaning. I'm completely kooky.  I'll try most things and change around, wear differently - for example. I once bought a skirt and used it as a dress, I have a dress 5 sizes too small that I use as a shirt. I'm just weird. Its only been since I started this blog that I've let it seep out into the real world but now I don't feel so random. In fact, compared to some fabulous women out there (27ths post for more info) I now feel relatively dowdy! So I went through my back catalogue to find a picture that really summed me up.

And then I remembered this outfit.

Retro Tee


Bright nails, bright cardy and necklace

Rolled up jeans and pumps

Stupid face and bow in hair

The reasons behind this outfit being totally me are the following.

* I love hair bows. I am wearing one :)
* I always wear a necklace and have lots of them. 
* I totes love the vintage style and/or retro tees. This Care Bear one (which has grumpy bear on the front asking "Who Cares?" lolz!) was from Walmart.
* My glasses are a part of my style, being the first of my lot to properly rock them. Which is lucky because Ive just been told I need to wear them all the time.
* Bright nails. I always have weird and/or bright nails.

That's about it for that one!

26th. What's in your bag

This will be a short one :) I carried light today as I had to head into town.

 Deodorant, body spray (x2), chewing gum, pen, perfume, tampon and condom tin (don't ask).

Purse and diary

Work badge, taxi card and the docs I took to the opticians (had to do some blur-edge on the letter! realised I nearly posted my address).

That's if from me until later.

Mucho Love

Thursday, 24 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 24TH MAY

23rd. Something from your favourite store
24th. The item that brings all the boys to the yard

Well it seems I didn't scan forward through these or read the last few days properly. I had done my fave "brand" by listing shops and now I actually have a blog about my fave store. So I fucked myself really. So the first cop out of the night is that I've already done 23rd - see previous post!

Secondly, 24th - an item that brings the boys to the yard. Now, I don't really "pull". Never really have, and being the biggest I was always the extra wheel but I did have my share!! I have known my group of friends for about 10 years now and it consists of a few girls and a few more boys. The one thing I did like was that when I wore particular clothes, I got some attention. Low cut tops!! I don't have big boobs, in fact for a larger lady I'm small up top BUT the boys always commented when I let the girls out. 

So the top I have in my arsenal that still works is...

Not the most flattering of pictures. It is actually a size 14 dress from New Look but as its super stretchy and giving - and it being a wrap around dress, I wear it as a top. 

So another cop out blog today but I'm struggling this week. Very emotionally heavy. With my hormones, Niamh passing away, a few family issues and the season ending of Glee ending as horribly as it did (yes I'm a fully grown 27 year old woman and I LOVE glee, get over it) I'm not exactly jumping for joy!

Plus by the feels of it my uterus is literally trying to eat its way out of me. This will teach me for not having a 'visit' for 5 years. I nearly passed out on the stairs. 

Oh and I need some help. I'm trying to think of ways I can raise money for the Neuroblastoma Alliance. Any ideas? Am open to alot of things! Tattoos, hair dying, dressing up like a complete fanny - please help with suggestions!

Mucho love.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 22ND MAY

22nd. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift

Short and sweet tonight. Huge work out and I'm done!

This shirt was a gift and we all know my feelings on it! (here)

Triple Threat! These next two pics show three things I was gifted. The eyelashes I'm wearing were gifted by my friend Alison, the dressing gown (Yours - Xmas £25) was a gift from my Nan and I'm going to include my engagement ring as my wonderful husband bought me that.

I'm already sore! Shower then bed!

Mucho love.


Monday, 21 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 21ST MAY

Right. Before I get to grips with the 3 day backlog of my blog, I want to first lay tribute to a fantastic little girl.

Niamh Curry is a beautiful little 5 year old girl who lives locally to me. She has become somewhat of a celebrity in her short little life and has touched the hearts of millions. 

She and her fabulously dedicated family have fought tirelessly to raise money to take her to America for life saving treatment after her cancer returned. The UK does not have a relapse program for Neuroblastoma and they were faced with a huge challenge. Niamh was bought to my attention several weeks ago when we successfully raised money for her with a cake sale at work. Then, I decided I would do what I could to fight for her cause. I spent a lot of time thinking about Niamh. Her story and fight really touched me.

Last night, she lost her fight against cancer. 
She has left a empty place in a lot of hearts, including mine. I didn't meet Niamh. I didn't get the chance to but I really wish I had the time with her. Just to hold her little hand and tell her shes the bravest person I know.

Thousands of people have laid tribute to this stunning little lady and have raised money and awareness of this awful childhood cancer.

Please take 5 minutes out of your life to read her story. If you feel you can donate anything, just a pound, her family are now raising money for the charity. 

Donate online: Please visit


So on to the blog.

19th. An article of clothing/jewellery that instantly makes you feel great
20th. Shoes you love but hardly wear
21st. Something that is your favourite brand

 19th. An article of clothing/jewellery that instantly makes you feel great

Not sure if this counts but it would be my eyelashes/make up. It makes me feel more feminine and sexy when Ive got my face on. I don't go overboard - but you can tell the difference between lashes and no lashes!

20th. Shoes you love but hardly wear

I love my peep toe tbars but barely wear them anymore. I must make time for them! I love the fit and the look. They are my babies. As you can see they are Viva La Diva and look amazeballs on. 


21st. Something that is your favourite brand

Now this is a hard one as I love all my top brands. I have Evans, Simplybe, Yours, New Look and Very. So here's one of each.




New Look

 Sorry for the heavy start to this post. Just please take 2 minutes to just think of her. 

Much Love.

Friday, 18 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 18th MAY

18th. Your brightest lipstick

I don't really do bright lipsticks. Don't get me wrong, I DO lipstick. I carry about 2 around with me, have about 20 here at home and even have 3 in my desk drawer at work so I can co-ordinate if I forget in the morning or need a top up during the afternoon. I have glosses, and sticks and colours etc.

My brightest one is this beauty from Avon. Its colour is Sassy. Its described as a "Smooth velvet lip colour". 

It is mega thick and does go on like velvet. But this dries my lips out so I tend to team it with a gloss or balm. I used my absolute fave - Avons Plump Pout honey shades in Honey Delight (actually smells like honey). I loved these so much when I did Avon that I bought 3 of each shade I liked so I had a stock of them!

So here's what I did. Please excuse the apron, I was cooking dinner in between!


Red Velvet

Gross, sorry

With Plump Pout

Sorry about the pics. I have an 8megapixel phone and its the worst. It TOO accurate and you can see every flaw. Even when I feel at my best, one close up with flash and Ill be under the duvet crying in 2 mins flat. Hence the bad lighting and no flash. Bring back my HTC!

Also, I don't really wear alot of bright or dark lippies as I'm really pale and have really horrible teeth! They're straight, they just aren't a great colour and years of whitening treatments and "Its OK, it means they're strong" talks later and I'm still 'tinged' if you like - and I feel these colours draw attention to my mouth. Its weird, I'm excepting my body more but I will never show my teeth in photos!

Anyway, I have a wedding tomorrow and I'm top table so need to get my beauty sleep!

Mucho love.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 17th MAY

17th. Something you wear when it's sunny

My flip flops. 

I have worn the same pair for years and I dont think I will retire them until they literally fally apart. I have worn them so many times that my feet have left marks that will not scrub off, the sole is thinning and they literally look grim yet I still wear them.

They are FreeSpirit flip flops that I got for a cracking price (*cough cough 50p cough cough*), back in the day when I and my Mum worked for the now fooked Blacks Outdoor group. I take them on every holiday (so far Vegas 3 tims and Ibiza) and I know its summer when I feel its warm enough to crack out my flips!

 See how trampy!

Also this shirt that I never seem to wear until its Sunny. Featured in this post.

Mucho Loving.