Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nothing Exciting

So the last few weeks have flown by. Not much has been done by me though to be fair. I FINALLY managed to sort out the wedding photos for printing (8 months later) and am meeting with my friend/photographer on Saturday to give him the hard-drive with my choices on.
And yes girls, MY choices. Hubz really didn't give that much of a shit and told me that I could get on with it. So I did.

So I got some huge news last week, but only one I can share online with you fabulous peeps (I'm not pregnant or anything!). My sister in law, her fiance and my ickle nephew Harrison are moving back from London to Northampton and they want something in the village we live in so I'm mega happy hes coming home. I'm getting so super confident with him now, except for when he cries!

Works been a complete chore. I was without support last week so had huge amounts to do and we have some crazy important visitors this week and next, so its dresses and heels for the next two weeks. Finally got a brand new chair (after 5 years complaining) so I am chuffed about that too :)

I went to see my friends band play (also my wedding band) and spent some time with my friends. Looking forward to two whole days with my friend Alison for our Plus North girls trip. Two nights in Leeds is going to be cr-azy!

I get that you cant see much!

I have a few nights out coming up, one of which is my 27th birthday next Friday. NOT looking forward to that one. I MIGHT even get drunk this birthday, but who knows. 

So I have two tiny OOTD's to share. They are both proper rubbish and I look like a moose but here goes.

We've all seen this dress and cardy before but the trousers are blog virgins. I got them from Simplybe yonks ago and never wore them much, then 
they got too small and were left at the bottom of my wardrobe. Ive been on a diet for a few weeks and was feeling good and not bloated for a change and decided to try them and *poof* I was back in them! The only draw back is that the legs are now baggy and they are a tad too short but OK for making into cut offs and using them round the house! Totally chuffed that I got into them again though.

And here's my Friday dress down outfit. I put the necklace on as I was legging it out the door and didn't realise until I got some comments at work that I was wearing a 'bow tie' and a waistcoat. I was mortified when my friend (who meant it in the nicest possible way) asked me where my bunny tail was because I looked like a 'playboy bunny'. I nearly ripped the necklace off but figured I'd get ribbed more then so just gave up. Looked like a complete troll when I went to a meeting wearing it. But hey ho!

Top - Very
Waistcoat - Evans (eBay)
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes (not visible but they're my little leopard print pumps) - Walmart
Necklace - eBay

My next task is to find a nice outfit for Plus North! Mission Accepted!

Mucho Love x

Monday, 11 June 2012


I'm back from a small break in blogging to bring you news from my weekend. It was amazing!

When I was in school, I was part of a tight knit group of girls. We shared laughs and tears, and some of my funniest memories are with these girls. But as time goes on the group split. Hands up, I was the first to go - I had encountered new genres of music and followed an alternative path then the girls. The remaining girls also split into two groups, still seeing each other as they grew up.

A few times a mini reunion had been arranged and to be honest, I wasn't feeling it. A particular member of the group (the one I had known the longest) had betrayed me years and years ago and I just don't like her anymore. I don't really want to be around her so when I had the choice, I didn't.

This time was different. Holly, our friend who had moved to New Zealand was coming back to her childhood home to visit and we were all invited! I really wanted to go but was nervous. I bit the bullet for Holz and it turned out perfect. The girl in question didn't show anyway.

So anyway, here are a few pics from that truly brilliant day. 

Nikki, Gemma, Louise, Myself

Kelly, Holly, Myself

Lou. Kelly, Meg (Lou's daughter), Nikki, Gemma, Myself with Emily (Nikki's daughter). Holly, Bethany with Leah (Lou's youngest daughter)

 I really did have an amazing time and I am totally gutted Holly can't stay forever but it was a great catch up which re-opened the doors for me and the other girls. We were all so close once and its a shame we grew apart but you could tell how well we gelled as when we all got together, it was like we had never left each other at all.

Here are some comparison shots!

Myself, Kelly, Gemma - Prom

Myself, Nikki, Gemma, Stacey (couldnt make it) & Kelly

All of us - last day of school

Stacey, Louise, Gemma, Myself, Nikki
 I miss the old days!

Mucho Love


Saturday, 2 June 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge! 31ST MAY

31st. The thing you're obsessed with at the moment!

So this post is late. Very late as we are in to the next month already but to be honest, the whole 31 in 31 was too much for me at the moment and I got disenchanted with blogging. I decided to do this blog in my own time. I didn't want to lose my love for it just because my minds focused on something else.

Onto the actual post! something I'm obsessed with. I go through so many phases. Glee, Smash, Harry Potter. For example. I love Glee. More than a 27 year old women should but I got so into it that when It ended, I literally sobbed. Then I couldn't listen to any songs off Glee for 2 weeks because it made me sad! So I distracted myself with Smash. Now Ive just finished that and I'm sad again! I know its not real but man do I get invested!

The one thing I can honestly say I consistently love is making stuff. I love making stuff. 

So here is a little collection of some of my faves that Ive made;

And my new additions this week :)

I'm a bow whore, What can I say!

Anyway. Super tired so will catch up with you guys in the next few days. I'll be popping some of these on my new sale blog along with a few other bits. I'll come back with more deets soon!

Mucho Love.