Monday, 20 August 2012

Drum Roll Please....

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I had some news that was big but couldn't share yet. I also made a point of saying that it wasn't me being pregnant! Which is true. Its not me...

The time has come for me to be able to share this with you. 

I am to be a (semi) aunt again as my best friend is pregnant. 

She's had her first scan and is due in Feb 2013. I know this isn't mega news for anyone else but she's wanted a baby for a while now and this is definitely wanted and exciting news.

I'm super excited and plan to be with her every step of the way. 

I just wanted to share this with y'all - I know the whole "someones having a baby!" news with me recently isn't exactly rare.

Positive thoughts. A good example of how good things come to those who wait and deserve it.

Love Loz

Saturday, 18 August 2012

This House Is Not A Home

Afternoon everyone!

It has been an eventful few days. More so today. 

Our landlord (who is also a family friend) told us a few weeks back that he was coming down to check on the house and to have a look round. Now, last time he did this, it was purely to find something in the attic and left without so much as glancing in the rooms. We were sure he would do it again this time but A) not wanting to take any chances and B) using it as an excuse to have a thorough clean and clear out we set about 'spring cleaning'. By 2am this morning, we had finished after many an argument, several family problems rearing their heads and a Ben n Jerry's binge after a dash to Tescos - where there was a worker, styled like Elvis, singing Elvis on a karaoke machine in the restaurant (true story).

I got the heads up that they were on their way (he was visiting my husbands mother across the road) I legged it round for a final check and found the dogs had shit in 3 separate locations... just to make things super fun.

He had a nose around and said we were keeping it nice and decided on the kitchen for the place to drop the bombshell. We had 6 months and he was selling. Which is a lot shorter than the 2-3 years we thought we'd have to save for our mortgage. So now were in full panic mode! But I'm not mad. He said last year and the year before he wanted to sell - and I've always said I'm not mega attached to this house. Fresh start! We were also anticipating a reason for him to come down so I wasn't shocked.

Anyway, enough of the boring shite. Here's a summery outfit I graced work with the other day.

Dress - Bon Marche (Circa 2007ish)
Cardigan - New Look (Circa 2009ish)
Necklace - Forever 21
Hair Bow - My long lost yellow bow! Primark.
Shoes - Tesco but were a present.
Jeggings - some Vegas outlet store.

Oh - which totally reminds me..... my lovely Twitter friends have already see this but I gots my hair cut! No more uncontrollable bush!

 From this

To this.

Basically the same style I normally have!

I also enjoyed a lovely day with my grand-parents, husband and two dogs in Dorset. Apart from the token dog accident (he threw up on my coat and shit on my foot - no joke. Also not funny when your wearing flip flops), it was a nice day. We just went down to the coast and mooched around. Here are some pics of my favourite place (bar Vegas) in the world.

So here comes some massive changes. I'm still building up my little jewellery empire so once I've done enough of that I'll share some of that with you. Also, a large sum of money needs raising! Watch this space I guess.



Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer So Far

So I'm starting to feel a bit more 'summery'. The weathers warm, I am literally being eaten alive by insects, I'm stuck in the office and on my days off it literally caks it down. 

I've not had a lot of time on my hands recently with family and work so my social (and social networking) life is non existent.

To conclude my previous post, my little nephew Preston was born on Saturday morning (approx 12.30am). He was two weeks early so no one saw it coming. What I hadn't know is that after my brief post, we settled down to watch the opening ceremony, neglected our phones and by the time it was over we had 2 texts from my husbands mum. One said his sister was being rushed in for an emergency c-section. As we were replying we got another saying she was out, baby boy was healthy and screaming. 

Bit gutted I wasn't there but grateful I missed out on the waiting room floor snoozing this time. Plus, perfect timing as it was the weekend!

I am, for the most part, not going to post pictures of my nephews on here that often, but here is the token Aunt Laura shot.

I will ask (not that any one will - hence why I've whacked myself in the shot) that no one use my pictures without my permission.

I adore him :)

So, not much else has happened really. My step sister is currently in hospital on medication as she is due for a c-section (the first baby girl I got to buy for!). Work tested my nerves yesterday but I survived and I have overtime with another department tomorrow to help them out. 

As my life in clothes is so dull, here are some random tit-bits of the last few weeks I thought I would share.

We went to see Batman

And this is the geeky outfit I wore.

Cardy - Very
Mighty Morphon Power Rangers tee - Hot Topic (Vegas)
Bow - Me made :)
Jeans - (not seen) Very
Trainers - (not seen) Generic white converse

Hubs bought me a new keyboard

For all my blogging needs. I spend an eternity typing each day and can touch type (from my Legal Secretary days) and found it so hard on my cheap, curved one. Not helped by me removing the keys to empty it of junk and then the keys decided to stiffen. So I have this new beauty. Its a dream to type on.

I made Olympic cakes

We had a cake sale at work today. Cakes were donated and all money raised from the purchases went towards the Paralympic charity.

Summer Happened

And by that I mean it rained.

View from Living room
That's all for now. We have a sports themed fancy dress at work on Friday so I suspect that will result in some hilarious pictures!

Until then :)

Mucho Lovin'