Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lifes Big Canvas

Good evening everyone. 

Just a quick one from me tonight. I've been working really hard on my jewellery and I'm nearly at the stage where I want to pick a few people to road test my creations. Once I've finished doing a few bits and the timing is right, all shall be revealed.

Works been pretty slow so I can't blame that for being busy but I still had to actually GO to work so that does take up most of my time!

I have spent a lot of time reading recently instead of watching TV and have re-discovered my passion for it. I have gone through about 20 books in the last month or so and I am still banging them out. Ive read a few in just one night! It's been lovely to reconnect with something I love so much. I just wish It didnt distract me from all the other work (and sleep) that I should be doing.

Enough of the catch up. Here are a few sneaky pics of an outfit I wore last week. All seen on here before but I'm getting stuck in a rut at the moment of having to recycle outfits :(

So the dress and cardigans you've seen before (Cardys - Very, Dress - Crazy Clearance) but the main focus of this outfit was the necklace. This was one of the fabulous creations I picked up from Chloe's stall at Plus North. I love it. Its so creative and anything handmade is a winner in my books. I'm a fan of anything made with buttons and I love the bow cameo type pendant. I have worn it a few times now, once I matched it with my hair clip with the giant button on it, just to accessorise.

Its delicate enough not to dominate the outfit yet its a great statement item. I get a lot of comments when I wear it and do adore it.

Chloe's website is I strongly recommend you have a look and grab some awesome handmade pieces. 

I have also got a another item from Chloe's range but I have yet to wear it so I will blog about that on a different day.

So I'm done for tonight. I need to go and chase the damn mosquito around my room before it gets me. 

Laters :)