Monday, 27 February 2012

I Don't Like Monday's

Its true. I really don't. Made even worse at not liking my job right now and you've got yourself a stinker of a day. Ive got a 3 day trip to Holland starting tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not. I hate being away from home (I'm such a child) made even worse knowing Pete's parents are in Las Vegas! (I love Vegas - we honeymooned there and holidayed there twice the year before).

So anyway, most of the outfits I've packed are the usual suspects. We can only take hand luggage and I refuse to let that limit me! So I've snuck in an outfit not yet seen! To be continued!

So here's today's lazy outfit. I knew I had to get the bus today and I'm still sore from getting raging drunk on Saturday and hugging the toilet when I got back so I'm hurting! Hence the flats and baggy dress/cardy combo.

Just look like a grot bag today!

Shoes - Yours
Leggings - Very
Dress - Tesco
Scarf - Tesco 
Cardigan - Very
Belt - off a dress from Forever21
Stupid stupid face I'm pulling - My Mum

So here's to 3 days without hairspray, moose, straighteners, proper moisturiser and my extensive make up range. This may be worse then when I went to Vegas and forgot half my make up. No eyeliner!! gah!

Ooh that reminds me. The Northampton Yours now does shoes! I nearly wee'd myself when I went in today. Of course I already own half the rack but that will be handy in the future!

Anyway, got to finish this packing and get as much sleep as possible!

Mucho love,


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Handbags and Gladrags

I went to a meeting with my agency today who have spotted a nice little job for me. Ive worked at my place for nearly 5 years now and I'm not happy. Not sure if I need a new job in a new company or a complete career change. I don't know what I want........!

Anyway, as I was leaving to meet hubby, my bag broke! Its my own fault. You should see the crap I keep in it. I think my iPad was the straw that broke the camels Primarni sale bag.

So as I was talking everything out I decided to do one of those posts about the tat I carry around with me.

So this is my collection of rubbish

A random perfume (this ones an Avon on called Jet Femme), my tablets for my back (my spines a bit knackered), the only powder I've EVER found that doesn't cling to every bit of dry skin (Avon Smooth Minerals) and a spare hair grip - oh and my child, my iPad :)

 My diary (a must have), chewing gum, earphones (a must at work with the musical temp - long story), trusty Vaseline (I have 3 tins, one by my bed, one by my computer at work and one in my bag) as my lips get dry, as does my skin hence the moisturiser, the best deodorant Ive ever used. Sure with the motion sense - its brill and everyone comments all the time about the lovely smell - and then body spray.

 My make up bag, ram packed with eye liners, eyebrow pencils and concealer. My work badge, my pens (never leave the house without a pen!), my purse, a note pad (from meeting) and some loose change.

Broken bag :( I'm going to try and fix it.

 Purse again (Avon)

This is the temporary replacement. I re-use my bags all the time but I try and make it a habit to buy a new one every so often. This was my bargain from Peacocks (cant remember price, sorry!). 

Off to the shops tomorrow for a new bag, maybe a new purse to match and an outfit for Saturday night!

That's all from me!

Mucho love,

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How to Save a Life

I promise this post isn't as dramatic as the title. The song was stuck in my head and its kinda appropriate.

I knew today that I was going to have - and was going to discuss - a smear test.

I was sent a letter last year (at 25years old) that I was now due for a smear. I even remember bitching on my Facebook about the moment I turned 25, a letter fell on my door mat about a "fanny screening",  accepting ME into the start of my late 20's. To be honest, I wasn't thrilled at the prospect but intended to book an appointment. 

However, it was not to be, between work, family and friends it completely slipped my mind until now. With everyone in my family falling pregnant (2 sisters in law and a step sister), the conversation of starting a family is constantly getting thrown at me - When am I going to start trying? When is my (wonderfully amazing convenient) implant going to come out? What names do I like? How will I cope with a child and our rescue dog? - I to decided that I should be thinking about it. Mainly my health, weight and readiness to start a family.

The first two hurdles are far from being crossed - losing some weight and getting my implant out, but one of the things I wanted to do was to make sure everything was 'OK' down 'there'! I scheduled myself in for a smear test.

I was late. I had to ring in to let them know and when I got there the nurse was patiently waiting to go home (that'll teach them for scheduling me in at 5.30pm). I got there at 5.35pm (not bad!) and had left by 5.50pm. The nurse explained everything to me. She asked me if I knew what this entailed, and my exact quote was "oh on the short, I take my pants off, lie legs a kimbo and you give me a scraping". She laughed and confirmed that she would indeed have me lie on the bed and insert a speculum and take a sample. 

The most part of our time was used by discussing my implant and that she was trained to insert but not remove. I advised her that her colleague and my Doctor told her she could remove it so I set them up on a 'Savaging My Arm' date in May. The actual procedure took about a minute. It was in, she took the swap/brush thing and was out and done. Completely painless. Not totally embarrassment free but I don't even undress in front of my husband so this is out of my comfort zone - but saying that, I didn't feel uncomfortable. I didn't get nervous (which they try and tell you not to do because its harder to do if your tense).

I urge everyone who has not yet had one, to do so. Anyone who is due for another one (3 years since the last one), again, I urge you to get booked in. Its such a easy procedure and for 10mins of slight embarrassment compared to years of panic and treatments it is totally worth doing. Having watched loved ones go through various types of cancers, I ashamed that it took me this long to get one done. I lost my uncle recently to lung cancer so that was a good enough reason to help me quit smoking (2 months clean!).

 Here is the NHS website that explains the procedure in more detail.

I also found this t-shirt  - just goes to show how normal this procedure is, they made it into a tshirt! So go and get your lady parts looked at!

I apologise if this post offends anyone, if I'm preaching to the choir or people just don't like talking about there lady gardens, I just want to share my experience in the hope that someone somewhere may use this and book an appointment.

Mucho Love

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Purple and Cupcakes and Babies

I tried to steer away from the obligatory Valentines post as I literally did nothing for it. I wore no important outfit or went out anywhere. I did however score this little beauty....


Yes, an iPad. Been after one for long enough! Its not a 2 but its exactly what I wanted. The husband was spot on this year :)

So, I have a few reallllly rubbish outfits that I wont waste too much time on. The light in my house is - to be fair - shit. My camera also leaves alot to be desired. Also, the awful facebook posing makes me die inside but here we go. 

This is actually what I wore for work on Valentines Day. Excuse the unhoovered floor AND the Nora Batty tights, having a few technical issues with them staying up now! The shoes were a steal from Yours at £10 from £30 (although they have now seemed to have gone up to £15).

Dress - Simplybe (years ago)
Cardy - Tesco (Years ago)
Tights - Evans
Shoes - Yours
Necklace - Forever 21

So today I stuck with the same colour scheme. I bought these trousers last year for about £3-4 quid (they still have the trousers but not in this colour anymore). I haven't been brave enough to wear them outside until now! This is my year to stand out and break my own boundaries.

Again, apologies for the shite pics. 

Dress/Tunic/Top - Tesco
Trousers - Crazy Clearance
Cardy - Tescos
Pumps - Walmart
Necklace - pendant from eBay and some spare ribbon!

Next! I was roped into making cakes for my husbands work. His friend had organised a bake sale and managed to hook me in again. So I made 2 batches for him and a batch for my work. They were a massive hit again which makes me feel very proud! I don't think they are my best work as by the time I'd finished icing, my back had gone and it was past 11pm. But, I helped them raise well over £200 for the British Heart Foundation so It was worth every twinge and ache.

Nearly finished with the ranting. Just have one more picture for you.


This is the cardigan (and matching booties) that my Nan knitted for my husbands very pregnant sister. Shes due next month. Isn't it adorable! I'm going to have my first ever nephew! As the oldest of my siblings and Pete the oldest of his, we've been expected to pop one out soon but she beat us which I'm quite content with, we are in no rush :) 

Anyway, enough gushing. I'm going to bed to play with my iPad and completely ignore hubby!! Night y'all!!

Mucho love x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ice Ice Baby!

So is snowing again. I don't really mind it too much. I like the excitement of it, how pretty it is. I don't like the black slush, ice, struggling to work behind idiot drivers, constantly having wet floors from Missy running out in it and dragging her fur in behind her....I could go on! 

Bit of a picture heavy post today. I love blogs with lots of pictures because I'm terribly nosey. I ready every blog update that I get a notification for and I always respond to comments. I'm a giver lol

So firstly, outfit number 1. My work outfit from Tuesday. I really love this little black waistcoat from Evans (scored it from eBay last year for a couple of quid) but it didn't fair too well with my woollen scarf so it got mega fluffy. Hence the trampy photos....

Also, the shoes were my £6.75 bargain from Yours sale.

As stated in previous posts, I have annoying feet. They're wide and I have a high instep so normally end up with shoes hurting because they are too small (hello pinching brogues of mine!) but these were huuuuge. Size 7EEE. I can honestly say I should have downsized to a 6 because there is buckets of room in the front AND sides. But saying that, they stay on my feet and are the comfy-est pair of shoes I own!

They are still on sale. Im after the teal flats with the bow next!

So in summary on this one;

Trousers - Crazy Clearance (last year)(sister site of Simplybe - all the sale stuff)
Shoes - Yours
Black Shirt - Very 
Waistcoat - Evans (eBay)
Necklace - Forever 21 (2 years back)

So, next outfit post. This is today's outfit. I stupidly wore a light dress and brogues before I saw the snow forecast :( This is one of my favourite dresses that I wear with leggings or jeans depending on the occasion. I casual it up with converse and jeans or like today leggings and brogues.

Nails - Fearne Cotton collection

Dress - Simplybe (yonks back)
Leggings - Very
Brogues - Primark
Cardy- Very
Lightning Necklace - Forever 21

So that's about it my lovelies. I think come payday I'm going to put my bargain hunting skills to the test on Crazy Clearance. Its the dumping ground for all JD Williams clothing that's out of season etc. Its all dregs so the sizing and the colours are freaking random but if you have the patience, you can get some good stuff! So my challenge is to find an outfit for as cheap as possible on that site ONLY. I'll decide on final budget later. 

Mucho Love

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bargains and Snow

So my first night out since my Christmas meal with the girls was last night. First night out in months and it snows! But, I didn't let this phase me and we braved it anyway! A brisk 20minute walk into town was all it took. Its been bloody freezing and god knows I hate the cold but theres something peaceful and calm when the snows settled and your wrapped up at home. Nothing peaceful and calm about trying to drive up a hill to your house in it!!

I was going to do an OOTD on my outfit but I wore the same dress I wore for meeting the girls a few weeks back (this doesn't count as a night out as it was at a friends house!) so decided not to bother. I do, however, have a picture of me and my friend Lois walking in the snow. I was debuting my £5 faux leather jacket that I snagged from eBay. Its from the New Look Inspire range so I doubt it was that cheap from the store :) I also wore my biker boots from Evans that were the best footwear I own for grip in icy and snowy conditions.

Lois and Me

My Garden

Missy having a mooch around
The jacket comes with a detachable hood which I had every intention of removing but it came in very handy! 

I also wore the jacket again tonight for a meal out with my husbands family. I wore my trusty jeggings, my bikers boots (again, perfect for the snow!), a floral hand me down shirt from my Mum, my trusty green cardy and a few other odds and sod's....

Shirt and Cardy

Glasses (debut! had them for years) and feather clip
New fake plugs from eBay (ears red from ramming them in!)

Snow Boots

So an OK weekend. Hectic week with me being back at work after two weeks off, hence the lack of posts but will I will hopefully be back on form this week.

Cardy - Yours
Jeggings - Simplybe
Top - Hand me down
Necklace - Xmas present a few years back.
Boots - Evans
Jacket - Ebay (Inspire - New Look)

In unrelated news, I felt my little nephew kick today. Not long till hes due :)

Mucho Love