Saturday, 31 March 2012

Oh Say Can You See...

Todays OOTD is a nod towards our American friends :)

I love America and given half a chance I would either

  1. Be planning to move there
  2. Already in the stages of moving there
  3. Be there already.
Hubs doesn't agree. Which blows, but we holiday there as much as we can. So far Ive only experienced Las Vegas. Ive been there 3 times, the last time was our honeymoon in October, time before that was Christmas and the time before that was the previous May. 

So any way, as we are all frequent flyer's, my wardrobe is not limited to the shores of the UK but will feature the occasional wonder from the US of A.

This outfit consists of mostly American purchases....

Jumper/Top - Forever 21 Vegas (USA)
Converse - Some shop in Florida (USA)
Jeans - Walmat Vegas (USA)

Hairband - I literally cannot remember (UK)
Necklace - eBay (UK)

I loved this top when I saw it in Forever 21, I was excited to go back for it after my first ($70) win on the machines at the end of my first trip there. However, I don't do short/no sleeves so have struggled to wear this. In the winter I have teamed it with a cardy but with the lovely few days we've had I thought I would bite the bullet. Writing this blog (not the masses, I know!) has given me a bit of a confidence boost so I did it, I went to work in short sleeves. 

This is a mega thing for me as I really hate my arms. Even in 30degree heat at the Grand Canyon, I still kept my cardy on! The only time I took it off was once when we were walking back from the gun range (I shot a gun :)) and when we went quad biking in the desert!

So, in a brave(ish) move, here are some pics of me with no cardy, going bare armed!!

(on a side note, the pic of me shooting the gun is on my laptop and I cant be bothered to get it!- But, I got a great one of Hubs. Its not at all photoshopped!).

Ibiza - (Ive quit smoking now FYI!)

Me at the Canyon with cardy firmly on

After finishing the Race for Life the 1st year - it was hot!

Quad biking in desert - No Cardy

PJ Party with the girls - drunk and warm!

Our Wedding :) I'm making an announcement, thanking my Mum, mother in law and Nan, just before presenting flowers.
Hubs and the gun - check out the flash from the muzzle

 Oh and the last picture is proof that I did used to be slimmer. This is me as a size 14-16 it was one of the first and last times I saw my collar bones!

Random post over! 

Mucho Love

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Get Your Ass Back Home

So another pretty rubbish week on the work front. Ive resigned myself to the fact that I will probably be in this job forever with no progression and no achievement, reward or satisfaction. To run the risk of sounding like a complete douche, I am good at my job. I have won numerous internal awards for my helpful nature, good customer service and dedication to the team and company, but the last two years have sucked. Gone is the recognition, wiltering is the reputation and say hello to the tellings off, too much work and responsibilities, hello to the new members of the team that balls everything up and Its me that takes a pummelling for it.
I hate to admit it but I no longer give a shit. I will no longer work overtime (unpaid) or work through my lunch, or go that extra mile because not only will you not be recognised for it, you will not be thanked, and if anything (my last two weeks are evidence to this) you will probably be in trouble for going that extra mile anyway (true story - the person who I helped after they messed up? nothing, me? a bollocking for "wasting a morning" helping them fix it then I was penalised for not picking up on their mistake to begin with).

To top it all off, Hubs is still getting used to the early mornings. He leaves before I'm up, i get home and hes not here, then after dinner he will sit on his computer then go bed early. By the time I go to bed after tidying up, locking up and chilling out (maybe a blog here and a tweet there) hes already snoring.

So before I have to fetch my tiny violin, here is some random pictures to cover my week.

So this was an outfit I wore the other day. I know we've all seen the jeggings and dress before but the cardy, necklace and shoes are blog virgins. Please excuse the eyebrows. They wont hurt you, they are just in desperate need of plucking.

Cardy - Cherokee (Tesco)
Necklace - eBay 
Shoes - Simplybe

So I'm having a dirty dirty fling with red at the moment. Ive been desperate for some red jeans/trousers for a while and whilst on a cheeky browse through Yours on my lunch break I spotted these beauties. I have been lusting over them all week. Unfortunately, Ive been barred from shopping and my birthday isn't until June so I'm screwed. I will just have to admire them from afar or wait for someone to see a pair on eBay at £1!

 This is an outfit I wore the other day. Basic black trews (Simplybe I think), bird shirt (I wanna say Tesco again.....) and the hand me down cardy - I'm also wearing an Avon necklace and those red pumps above.

This was a pic i posted on my Twitter of my new work mug. I think its very apt.

And finally, with spring in full flow, dafs out, dirty girls giving boys blow jobs in the field by where I work because they don't think we can see out of the window etc...I decided to over hall my computers settings. I went for Cath Kidston theme on Google Chrome (we used GMail) and the matching wallpaper. I wanted to share this because its pretty.

So that sums it up, I have saved an outfit post for tomorro.

Mucho Love


Monday, 26 March 2012

Bad Blogger. Bad Bad Blogger

Yes, I'm totally rubbish. I haven't been around much recently. Hubs has changed locations so has to travel to and from work everyday. Hes been so tired Ive barely got to see him. As I don't drive, Ive been having to leave earlier in the mornings but have been getting home earlier. Works been a total nightmare. Someone made a massive cock up, I tried to help fix it but they took me down. It ended with me getting a rollicking and the kid that originally buggered up? oh nothing!! The teams up in arms but my hands are tied. I need a job. Ive been looking everywhere for month but nothing. Better the devil you know I guess!

So. First Up. OOTD

Dress - CrazyClearance
Neckalce - Avon
Leggings - Very
Brogues - Primark
Cardy - Hand me Down

 I went to visit my new nephew on Sunday. Heres baby and his big ole aunt Loz.

I haaaactually love him,

Here's a bit more info on what I wore. Nothing fancy.

Old ass flip flops

Shoes - Freespirit
Top - Very
Jeans - Walmart
Cardy - Vintage Matalan
Bag - Very
Flower - No idea.
Glasses - Primark  

More tomorrow. Have a few bits and pieces stored up!

Mucho love.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Paddys Day!

Well, the name of this blog goes two ways. Today I was asked to wear green to celebrate St Patricks Day. I was the only one in my team, bar the managers, that could be bothered! 

Oh and Paddy in the sense that my managers are complete wallys and they were literally having a paddy. As usual.

So riding though the oncoming migraine, made worse by the fact Hubs is on his way home, shitfaced. I forfeited a night with the girls so he could go out and hes steaming. I'll be cleaning up the vomit later, I guarantee it - so yeah, anyway, here's today's ensemble. Defo one of those outfits where you think its OK then about a hour into the day you realise WHY the dress was at the back of the wardrobe....

Trusty Jeggings and bikers

Necklace - with hair


Me making a point

Me despairing at the crumpled dress
How crap it looks in person


Ty showcasing my Forever 21 hairband

Hated that dress on today. To be fair, its smaller on me now then it was when I originally bought it but even then I remembered it creasing the minute i sat down so I don't know why I even did it to myself. It rose about an inch or two from being creased, showing off the chub thighs. Not something anyone wants to see! 

Dress - Tesco (4 years ago ish)
Cardy - Tesco 
Jeggins - Some outlet shop in Vegas
Bikers - Evans
Necklace - Hot Topic
Hairband - Forever 21

The hairband was a complete bargain. When I go to America I tend to store all my spending money up to have a blow out at Hot Topic and Forever 21 (awesome accessories), and anything I win I try and spend on them too. This band was 80cents, so I got one in cream and black. 

In other news, its my brothers birthday, Pete's sisters due date and mothers day all in the space of a week. A week that is before payday. Argh! Plus the new Sims3 Showtime is out and I HAVEN'T got it!! I normally pre-order but I had such a problem with Pets, Ive only just re-installed that (tonight) so that can wait.

Also, my cravings for a tattoo is overwhelming. I was averaging them at 1 every 6months and its been nearly a year since I got my Harry Potter one (which is spelt wrong and hideous and is being covered as soon as money rolls in).

Any one thinking about getting a tattoo?

Anyway, back tomorrow.

Mucho Love.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Communication is the Key

Ooh I forgot to mention, Ive just set up a Tumblr account and a Twitter. Having never used either before, I'd love it if you could add me, or follow me, or stalk me, what ever the crazy kids are calling it these days!

My Tumblr is just so people can follow me on that instead, I post the same on here as I do there.

Twitter is just another excuse to talk sh*t at you lovely people.

My specs are below :)

Email -
Twitter - Jellybellyfrock
Tumblr -

I'm not one for the begging "add me add me" but this time I have succumb!

Mucho Love