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So the reason for this blog is a variety of reasons. Mainly after being inspired by various other bloggers, blogging seemed to be a great way for me to do something, a hobby if you like. I was so many evenings watching repeats of programs etc, this for me is a creative output, a constructive use of my time.

Having since started blogging, I have gained so much confidence in myself and what I wear. I'm more loving of myself and my body which has poured over onto my personal life. I am more outgoing and confident and when I do have a low moment, the plus size blogging community has been so quick to pull me back up again. 

I cant wait until I make more friends through blogging and it develops into a bigger part of my life. I love doing it, I love reading everyone else's and I love the way this has made me feel.

It is basically a bunch of random posts about what I'm wearing, anything new that I want to share with the world, how to work old items, how to create outfits on a budget and to feel as good about yourself as I do after reading other blogs. Any ideas or creative thinking will be on here to share my ideas with everyone.

So thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this and/or my blogs and to anyone who has inspired me.

Loz. xx

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