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Hi everyone. My names Laura. I have been writing this blog for a number of months having been inspired by so many others and looking for a creative output. I enjoy updating my blog even though only a hand full might actually read it. 

I work in Finance and have numerous customer service awards but would prefer to work with animals.

I have a genetic chronic back condition where the discs in my spine have aged quicker than they should (from my real dads side of the family). There is no cure but I can help it by losing weight, however exercising causes a lot of pain and injures me so much I cant move for 2-3 days after. Vicious circle!

I have broken nearly all of my fingers, my ribs and a few toes. None of my family had broken a severe bone until my sister broke her wrist. Prior to that I ruptured 2 discs in my back gardening! (an MRI revealed this and my DDD and genetic condition).

I have problems biting my nails! I have worn fake nails since me and Pete got engaged. I still cant seem to grow my real nails!

I hate feet! Literally cannot stand looking at anyone's, touching them, having mine looked at or touched, ANYTHING! I struggle with my back treatment as they grab my feet! However, I have one tattooed.

Speaking of tattoo's, I have lots. I have my left ankle, right foot, both wrists, lower back and the top of my back tattooed. A total of 8 in 13 sittings and counting! The next 2 I have lined up are a cover up and an extension. I don't like cover ups and believe that all tattoo's are a symbol of that time in your life, but this one is spelt wrong so I'm getting it covered with something else and moved to another spot! The extension is my left wrist into a half sleeve.

My real dad died of a heart attack 11 years ago (next month). He would be 61. I was never particularly close to him and had a turbulent relationship with him. My mum married my step dad 6 years ago and he has been amazing, I refer to him as my Dad.

My heart has always been with rock music since I was 17. I was a boyband freak before that though! My favourite band is Funeral For A Friend and had met my hero, bassist Gareth Davies in Vegas just months after meeting the new bassist and the drummer at a DJ set. However, I have a few eclectic moments ranging from Nsync to Adele to Mama's and Papas to The Zombies. Whilst I write this, I am crooning along to Westlife's Flying Without Wings!

I always been on the chubby side. Having lost weight at 19 (after my second break up) and at my lowest weight being a size 14-16. I am currently at my biggest ever weight and wear a 24-26. I am happy with myself but need/want to lose weight for health reasons. I want to be a 16-18 ideally.

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