Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Yummy Mummy not Scummy Mummy

I've found that since becoming a mother (yup, thats still weird) I've well and truly got myself stuck in a style rut. Everything went from "ooh that top looks nice with those jeans" to "well those jogging bottoms have the less sick on them so I'll whack them on with an old hoody". Its not good. I cut my lovely long hair short more for necessity than style. It was easier for me to dry and manage, plus the baby couldn't spit up in it anymore.

With my job I at least got to wear my lovely dresses every day and wear a plethora of different boots and shoes. Now I've gotten the knack of actually getting dressed in the mornings, its basically whatever jeans are comfy, whichever t-shirt is long and baggy - and my slippers. 
I've had enough. I want to earn the "Yummy Mummy" title and at least look presentable when my shopping gets delivered, when I meet friends for coffee or when my husband gets home. No one wants to come home to Waynetta Slob.

I have been trawling through Simplybe, Crazy Clearance, Bargain Crazy and Very for the last few weeks to get a few items to help me add something to my wardrobe. Some things that I'd never normally go for before, but stuff that I can be comfortable in but presentable. Can dress up or down. 

There are about 10 items winging their way to me as we speak but the three I'm most looking forward to are below. These are the types of things Id wear if I was given but would never think to buy for myself.

The first one is from Very. Its a satin shirt so will be a pain to iron, but I'm willing to take the risk! I just can imagine myself wearing it with my black skinnies or a black pencil skirt for when I have to haul my ass back to work. 

My second is a block colour shirt from Simplybe's/Fashion Worlds discount site, Crazy Clearance. This isn't something I'd normally go for either but I kept putting it in my basket, then taking it out, put back in, took out. In the end I just closed my eyes and pressed "Checkout". I need to take more risks! The colour shown isn't the one available. Its actually the "Apricot" colour shown below. I only spotted it when it was in the basket but I still like it. I think!

The third is this dipped hem Ballerina print shirt. This was another one doing the hokey cokey in and out of my basket. I just thought it looked like another one that could be dressed down with jeans and pumps, and up with trousers and heels. 

To be continued on these! I've also got a few plain t-shirts coming, a pair of jeans, two cardigans and a plain white shirt (Claire Richards). I'll do a post when I get them and try them on. 

I'm pretty pleased overall with my finds. I am going through my wardrobes at the weekend (maybe before) and I'm going to be ruthless. I already had a big purge just after I had Sam to store all my bigger clothes and most of my maternity bits in the attic. But this needs to be another big one. Need to make room for the new bits and get rid of the bits I wont be wearing for a while! I was lucky enough to lose weight in my pregnancy and now 4 months later I'm still 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight so my size didn't change. Just my style a bit.

Wish me luck!