Sunday, 13 November 2011

Big Beautiful Brides

So having recently been married I spent alot of time shopping for shoes. I was lucky enough to have a really talented mother who hand made my wedding dress so the only research I did with that was looking at styles etc. But shoes was my biggest problem, right up until the week before we said 'I do'. Being a big girl, I have wide feet, but also a high instep - a problem Ive experienced since being a child and at my slimmest. 

So the hunt began. Having no funds to be able to go buying shoes willy nilly, and bizarre shaped feet, I couldnt just hot foot it to the high street and go trying all sorts on, so I was basically relying on my catalogue. My first purchase was a pair of wide fit patent ivory heels. They fit OK but when It came down to it, they didnt match the colour of my dress so I donated them to my Nan who actually wore them to the wedding. I realised I couldnt just order whichever pair and expect them to be right first time so I did some research. Looking at blogs and reading tons of reviews but nothing caught my eye. I didnt want them to be too high, needed them wide fitting and something I liked. I was beginning to despair. In the meantime, i decided to find some flat pumps to wear for the evening do... i found some cute little bridal pumps on 

Two weeks before the wedding I found some ivory wide fitting slingbacks that looked gorgeous and had the right height heel. I ordered them thinking I was home dry! When they arrived, my heart literally sank. They were amazing but were not ivory.... they were more gold. They did not match my dress and would have looked so odd. Desperate, I thought "I'll just have to wear them".

The next day I popped over to my Mum's for a dress fitting. Whilst in my dress, my Mum told me to try the dress with the white pumps I bought and suggested that, as they looked quite nice with the dress, why didnt I wear them for the service too. I couldnt even believe I hadnt thought of that! So thats what I did! 

They were super comfortable. Designed for them to be kept in a bag and used when your heels give you some jip, they fold in the middle but unlike similar shoes that are reluctant to bend out properly and constantly try and retain the original shape, these fitted nicely on. They had a gel type sole so you get the grip but were still lightweight. When worn, they kept straight and were just perfect. They lasted all day and did not show any signs of wear by the end of the night and I had them on from 9am till 1am the next morning! 

They came in a cute box with a bag to carry them in and were at a reasonable price of £17.99. Description is below and if anyone is interested in purchasing them, the link is below.

Also, if anyone is interested in seeing my gorgeous dress, here it is :)

 Nan, Me, Mother in law and My mum

Redfoot Princess Catherine Folding Pump

Product Code: OX492FK


  • This luxurious ballet-pump in pure white sumptuous satin promises to make a bride emulate a princess on their special day
  • The royal blue satin lining etched with a gold crown and princess embroidery and an eye-catching blue and white bridal printed sole, will keep you feeling like royalty even when your glamorous heels are kicked off!
  • The gorgeous pumps are one of the first shoes to boast our new luxury comfort technology 'onAir', a tiny concealed wedge of foam hidden in the heel to soften your steps - enabling you to glide through your day, like a true princess!


Saturday, 12 November 2011


Even at my smallest I have struggled finding tights that fit properly. Being quite tall I seem to struggle with the length the most. Even when I do find plus size tights for my size, i buy them and end up struggling to pull them up past my bum because the length just isnt right. Most places have this misconception that larger ladies are all short with big boobs, but this just isnt the case! I see plenty that have big boobs, small boobs, tall, short, big bums, no bums, small legs, wide legs, short legs, long legs, big arms, thin arms, triple chins (in my case) or a perfectly chisled jaw line (in the case of my gorgeous friend Alison). I myself am tall and have nearly no boobs! Where Ive lost weight and gained it more than once, gravity has punished my ladies so the only reason they look an OK size is because i have to wear padded bras to push them up!

Anyway - i digress....tights. I needed some flesh coloured tights for my wedding so I bought many pairs from catalogues and ebay etc but still struggled with the height issue. I was about to give up when, on my day off, I decided to go to Evans. I originally journeyed in for some brilliant biker boots I had seen in there before but for some reason I felt compelled to venture to the rear of the store to check out the lingerie. I decided to try out some natural colour tights and also some black tights. They were reasonably priced so i thought "it cant hurt".

Oh my days..... perfect!! They fit beautifully, there is plenty of give in them and reach up right to my bra. More than happy with them! So, with this positive experience, I have decided to be a bit daring and buy some bright coloured tights. I want purple and red, but they only have purple and blue at the moment, so I am going to buy them and when I have road tested them, I shall post some photos and report back :) 

Purple Tights -

First Post....Welcome!

Hi guys! The first posting of my blog. Ive been following a few other blogs of a similar nature (will update you on which ones soon) and partly from boredom and partly from wanting to put my own spin on it, have decided to create my own.

Most of the sites ive been following are about larger ladies trying to follow the latest fashions - mine is different. I kind of follow some fashions, but normally a few seasons behind! I'm a terrible bargain shopper. If I like something and think I can pull it off, i tend to get it. I'm trying to be a bit more daring with the stuff I wear but as a big girl i try not to show my arms, or legs above the knee unless I'm wearing leggings - even then I try not to go too short with a dress/skirt.

I like looking around online and seeing what other people are doing to try and get some ideas for things. I like heels but I dont wear them that often. 50% not being able to walk in them and 50% not finding shoes wide enough and can accomodate my high instep. 

I like alternative rock etc music so my style used to reflect that more so a few years ago then now, but I try and keep my work and home clothes seperate although sometimes they do overlap eachother. Home wise, i like my jeans, converse, band t-shirts etc but my work clothes - as i work in an office - tend to be dresses, tailored trousers and shirts etc.

So, what i'll be doing on this site is posting pictures and comments of outfits I wear to work, out to parties, any bargain buys, or items I think are great value and should be advertised and to generally have a rant!