Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I Volunteer As Tribute

So. I'm back. Again. Hoping this time for good. 

I'll try to do a tl;dr version (just skim read the bold bits) for anyone bothered before I delve into my latest development. 

My kids 2 and a half now. He's going through that dickheady "Terrible Twos" phase which is delightful.

Our car was stolen whilst my husband was away with work which was a nightmare. A week later we decide to cut our losses and buy a new car whilst we waited for the insurance payout. The next day the car was recovered. FACEPALM.

I did start my talked about business but unfortunately it has had to be closed down for a while, if not permanently. This was a horrible thing for me, mainly because the decision was taken out of my hands, almost literally. 

I learned to drive! Passed my test the first time with only two minors. As if by magic the Kuga (the stolen/recovered car) had been repaired and was ready and waiting for me. Within a few days I was insured and away on my merry way doing coffee dates and nursery runs. A week and a half later, just over 2 weeks after passing, this all changed.

Saturday March 18th. A normal Saturday at my mums with the family. I'm gearing up to leave as I've got to get home, changed and back out in my own car (still seems surreal) to get to my best friends to babysit. 
My kid decides on a trip upstairs whilst I'm having a slash. I dash out and hold his hand to bring him back down. About 1/3 down my foot goes from underneath me. Luckily I let go of my son, but in the mean time I've rolled from my ass to my left side, the momentum taking me over the edge of the stairs (no bannisters, just because of an outdated design).
And I'm falling. 
5ft foot later and I've landed on the stone floor. I've gone to put my arm out but don't quite manage it and land on my elbow.

Returning to the scene of the ?crime? Where I am standing is where I went over.

Thankfully, my husbands already en route so we head off to the hospital where I'm in X-Ray quite quickly where its seen I have snapped my humerus bone completely in two. Spiral fracture.
I broke my arm and it fucking hurt.

Not mine as they wouldn't let me take a picture but this is the closest I've found. Mine was longer and more gap.

To make matters worse my radial nerve crosses my arm at the break site and has been damaged in the process. I was diagnosed with Radial Nerve Palsy and my entire arm braced up. 

GINORMOUS arm brace, check/back supports and sling.
Wrist brace to help with the RNP or "Wrist Drop"

I avoided surgery twice but I'm waiting for the results of my tests (more on that later) to been seen by my consultant. Fingers crossed I can avoid it a third time. 
Physiotherapy is going well and, whilst my wrist and thumb are as dead as you like, my arms out of the big brace and sling. I have limited movement but a million times more than before.

I'm going to be doing a more detailed, in depth post series about this. I found reading forum posts and blogs about other peoples experiences have kept me sane, especially during those horrendous first few weeks. In between other blog posts i'll do the medical ones. Its just going to take me a while as I'm typing with one hand and its not my dominant, so having to learn to do things with lefty.

But hey, I'm almost 11 weeks into recovery. Things aren't ideal. Hoping a blogging return will keep my mind active a bit more. 
But I'm still going. Always keep fighting, right?

Hope my newer shit appeals.

Laura x

Bonus picture. 
Heres me dominating bowling. Broken arm, nerve damage and using my left hand...still won.

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