Sunday, 12 July 2015

Spidey Seat

Hi everyone. 

I promised you some different things other than just clothes so here is the first of many.

My first review of something different. 

My son recently grew a bit too big for his car seat that came as part of a travel set from Mothercare. Whilst he's still below the maximum weight for it, the seatbelt began to dig into his legs which I found to be a commonly reported flaw with the Xpedior seat. 
No matter. It lasted a good 8 months so did us proud.

Being on a bit of a budget as my maternity pay is about to cease, we decided to get a new, albeit cheap seat. I was checking out the different options on various websites when I came across this Spiderman car seat.

Now my husband is a huge Spiderman dork and as he drives the only car we have I knew this would be the one he chose. I did give him the choice of 3 but you can imagine why he didn't go for them.

Anyway. The specs are at the end of the post. But to summarise the reason I chose this seat was its age group. 0-4years. It can go forward or backward facing and its securely fitted by a 3 point seatbelt.

We decided against Isofix as not only were they out of our price range but as my husband car shares we need to be able to take it out and put it back in quick and easy. Which this one very much does. 

It's visually appealing, safe and sturdy, feels nicely padded and soft on his bare legs (it's summer. Shorts or vests only!), and he fell asleep in it yesterday - helped by the fact it has a nice recline option. 

All in all totally worth buying and I'm very pleased we did. I would recommend it based on not only its visual characteristics but on the safety and on the comfort points as well. 

On a side note, this chair is approximately £65-70 on most retailers websites but I shopped around and found a site called Uber Kids with the seat for £55! Free delivery too. I ordered it that afternoon at it came lunch time the next day. Cracking service and delivery from Uber Kids. I'd highly recommend them.

Spiderman chair at

So, here are the specs:

A must for the Spiderman fan, this car seat is suitable from birth to 18kg (approx. 4 years).

Features and benefits for Marvel Spiderman Driver Combination Car Seat

  • The Spiderman Driver car is suitable from birth to 18kg (approx. 4 years)
  • Comes equipped with a removable newborn body support cushion and chest and buckle pads for safety and comfort
  • It has 5 seat recline positions and individual harness tensionners to make sure the tension is correct on both sides of the harness
  • The cover is removable and hand washable
  • Free 12 months guarantee
Stylish and fun this Marvel Spiderman car seat is used rearward facing with a newborn body support cushion from birth to 9kg/20lbs, then forward facing to 18kg/40lbs. The seat has an integral harness and is secured in the car using the adult seat belt.

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