Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Vanishing Act

I feel like I've been hiding under a rock for the last year but in my defense, I've been rather busy incubating, expelling and looking after a brand new tiny human. 
My last post I explained about my PCOS and how we didn't think we'd conceive etc. I ended the post when I was half way through my pregnancy and haven't checked in since. 
Now, my little Brat (the name stuck) is 4 months old next week. 
Sam (his real name - not Brat) is so cool. Hes happy and smiley, too advanced and just so god darn cute. 


Me and my husband have a pretty good routine down. I have him all day and when he comes home from work they have son and Daddy time whilst I do a few odds and ends and make dinner then I take over for the night shift (he has to commute so don't want him driving tired - he does nights at the weekends). Soooo in the evenings I now have a smidgen of time to retake up a hobby. Writing came up trumps. So I've decided to bring back the blog amongst a few other bits.

Problem is that I don't actually get to wear an awful lot of nice stuff any more. Most of my day involves sitting around in whatever clothes I was able to scramble together. However, before I got pregnant I was going to expand my horizons on this. Books, purchases etc. So now I can. It dawned on me tonight that whilst I don't pay much attention to myself I do meticulously plan his outfit the night before. I also use my Kindle app to read books at naptime and spend hours trawling through eBay for deals on baby stuff. 

So thats what I'll do. 

Any baby outfits too cute not to share will go on. As will any books I feel worthy of reviewing, items I've brought that would be good to post and any other stories I feel like sharing in. I may even get to throw in an outfit post now and again from me when I get to go out for the night (got a couple coming up so will try and remember to take pictures!).

I have a few lined up. One I want to do is my pregnancy and birth experience. I think alot of people end up with a traumatic birth being plus sized, whether its complications or just feeling a bit put out by the attitudes of nurses and doctors etc so maybe it would be cool for me to share my story and to see what other people think. Thats something I need to think about properly and draft first. 

Hopefully some old readers may come back to me and maybe I find new ones but for the most part this is about me just getting back into something I loved about something I love. If people want to read it about it then cool. 

Other than that you might just see some cute baby clothes.

Heres to a new beginning. 


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